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Confidence/Self Esteem

Self- Confidence is a state of mind. You trust and believe in yourself and your abilities. You are very aware of your different talents and skills as well as weaknesses and you have a positive view of yourself. You can handle criticism and you set yourself realistic expectations and goals.

On the contrary, low confidence might make you feel inferior or fills you with self-doubt, or you may find it difficult trusting others or yourself.

Low confidence does not have to affect you in all areas of life. You may lack confidence in relationships but have lots of confidence in your career or you may be a very self-assured athlete.

Self-confidence is very rarely attributed to your actual skills but it is mostly linked to your own perceptions and how you think about yourself. Different experiences may cause low confidence, such as growing up in a critical environment or not having passed your driving test the first time.When we display very critical and flawed thoughts of ourselves, we can experience low confidence.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you become more confident.


Image by Caroline Veronez

We will help you visualise what life would be like when you are more confident and you will be supported to take small manageable steps towards your goal. The focus will be on your strengths and all the things that you can do, rather than on the things that you cannot do. We will build on your achievements and all your successes, which will help you become more confident in your work and/or social life.


The sessions are combined with hypnosis which helps to achieve therapeutic change on a subconscious level, helping you to develop new patterns of behaviour and moving towards a more confident, happy and successful life.


Hypnotherapy for confidence can help with:


Self- Esteem/ Self- Belief

Public Speaking

Sports Performance


Exams/ Tests



Performance at work

Relationships and social life

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